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We aim to help young people all over the world to take control over their future and own economy! Our next step is to make our award winning boardgame in an english version.
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Economio is a boardgame determined to teach young people about personal economy and how to prioritise the money they have. The boardgame was launched fully in Norway at the start of 2019, and is already sold to numerous families and schools around the country. We have won several design prizes and just got the DOGA mark (Doga is the highest design and architect mark you can get in Norway) but even more important is the fantastic feedback from schools, families and young people. It is just overwhelming.

Your contribution:

As a TALKER you will be expected to post a dedicated link to the campaign on your sosial media at least once. For every click on your link, you will get a "ticket" to the lottery. You can further expand your reach (and your possibility to win) by sending emails (premade for you) to parentgroups, schools and other people.

If you wish to do even more, we will send you a mockup of the english version (Norwegian with translation) so you can make a film or show it in your local community.

Whats in it for you:

The real reward will be to help more young people get control over their lives and economy. But if we get funded we will also reward your work in other ways: 

1. ECONOMIO NORWAY TRIP. From August 2nd 2020 to August 10th 2020, we will arrange the most spectacular trip to Norway. For at least 40 talkers it will be an all inclusive trip (travel from the main airport in your state/country, transport, accommodation, activities and main meals) from the south to the north of Norway. You will visit and see the fjords, the nature and have a great time together with the funders and people from all over the world. 15 spots are reserved the TALKERS with most clicks. The other 25 will be drawn in a lottery where one click is one ticket. This is if we reach the minimum, if we reach our goal of 5 mill, there will be at least 80 talkers going to Norway.

The trip will also be available (without the flight to Norway) as a pledge on the kickstarter campaign for approx 3000 USD + travel. 

2. Rewards. On the Norway trip there will also be extra rewards for the 3 TALKERS with the most engagemet.

3. ECONOMIO English version. If You are among the 1000 talkers with the most clicks you will get the English version of Economio. Also there will be 500 games distributed for "give aways"  Some of you will be picked out to give these to a charity, schools etc. 

In the month of march 2020 Economio will run a campaign on, for the english version of Economio. As we speak we are working on designing the campaign and website in English. The mission is to get a minimum sale of 550.000 USD. But our goal is 5 million USD. To help us reach that goal, we want to get the help of as many people as possible. Therefore we search for TALKERS from all over the world. The project will be an "all or nothing project", this means that either we get at least 550.000 USD or nothing. If we get funded we will richly reward our TALKERS , if not you will get a thank you email from us, thats all. :-) We think we have a real chance of funding, as we see projects like "Exploding kittens" have got over 8,5 million USD in funding before. You can see the most funded boardgames on kickstarter here.

The mission:

Become one of our talkers....
What we expect:

- Mention and post your link to our kickstarter on sosial media.

Reward if we reach our goal:

- For every hit on your link you will get one ticket in the Economio Norway trip lottery.

Who can apply:

If you live in an English speaking country or have followers there.

For more information and video, go to the web version of this site.
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